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The Trash We Create

Information Design
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Project Overview + Topic

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Students are asked to pick an issue of their choosing and create a semester long informative piece that would include an interactive extension. The project include an issue, a call to action, and a proposed solution, all displayed in a interactive medium to help spread information on selected topic.

Paniz Adiban


Information design with call to action

interactive figma prototype

Design Problem
  • There has been a surge in online shopping with non-essential retailers recently

  • This also means that there is a rise in packaging waste

  • Call To Action, Individuals should:

    • become aware of recycling guidelines

    • ensure their waste is being correctly managed

    • aim to shop from organizations that are implementing sustainable strategies

Phase 1 and Phase 2
  • To start I completed research and compiled it into a document that could later inform the project

  • In the first phase of this project, my call to action was directed more at signing petitions and trying to stop purchases with plastic completely but through this I found that there was a privilege shown within this solution that not all audiences could enact

  • After revising the call to action, the second phase of my project included making a scrollable informative piece on the topic

  • Phase 2 included a visual outline to lay out the information and the next steps

Phase 3: Interactive Extension
  • The final publication kept some of the elements of the online shopping idea but became more about interactive elements and informing the audience.

  • It started with labels such as sale and free shipping to use that terminology as a part of the theme as well as “start shopping” to begin the experience.

  • On the homepage I begin by telling the user to view the items and do shopping in order to get free shipping and learn more about recycling and online packaging. I priced each item that the audience would have to click and view all the resources in order to qualify for free shipping. This helped continue the original theme I created and also teach the audience information about recycling guidelines.

  • Phase 3 included a visual outline to lay out the information and the next steps

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