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The Domino Effect

Communication Design
Project Details
Project Overview + Topic

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The Domino Effect is a social awareness campaign created to raise awareness of internet addiction. It features temporary installations across the city that would create a "free wifi" prompt to draw an audience and share information through the phone screen.

Paniz Adiban


social awareness campaign

temporary installation

Design Problem
  • Focus on internet addiction and create a social campaign that would explore solutions for this topic

  • Decided to focus on literacy and for my audience to become aware that they might be suffering from this problem without making them feel defeated or badly about themselves

Initial Sketches and App Edits
  • Began by looking at different ways in which the audience could be made aware of the consequences of internet addiction

  • Think of the different ways in which these people could be reached. I decided that my audience could be best reached by actually being offered free wifi and being given an anonymous questionnaire to inform them about internet addiction

  • Initially assumed I would apply vinyl adhesives in different areas offering free wifi but later modified the concept to allow these people to be gathered around a public installation where they could relax and enjoy the art as well

Proposed Solution and Results

For the first media vehicle, I chose to have installations of a domino effect throughout the city. The placement for these installations are open spaces with heavy foot traffic such as the downtown toronto business district, woodbine beach, and the park in front of University of Toronto. These three installation pieces also have the network name of the wifi on the two standing pieces, which fall around eye level for the audience to see. The third piece lies perfectly flat, giving the opportunity for the audience to sit while they connect to the wifi.

After connecting to the wifi that was offered by the installation, the audience gets a pop-up before they can use the wifi. They must complete a questionnaire for the wifi. Hopefully by completing this quiz the user gets informed and realizes they spend too much time on their phone as well. The very last page gives a coupon to the audience so they can go offline and go to a board game cafe with their friends. The pop-up also allows the user to enjoy 30 minutes of complimentary wifi. This gives the audience what was advertised but also limits them to bring awareness to the campaign.

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