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Fit Me

UX/UI Design
Project Details
Project Overview + Topic

Students are invited to explore a topic of their choosing through the creation of a screen-based interface.

The topic of this project will be to create an application for people to be able to organize their closets and pick what they wear on a daily basis.

Paniz Adiban


prototyping in two weeks

application prototype


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Design Problem
  • Looking at how to create an app that can categorize a persons closet based on outfits

  • This app would be a combination of shopping applications and productivity/organization applications


  • The app should allow the user to upload and categorize clothing items so that it can be set up similar to a shopping app with different section for different types of clothing

  • It should be straightforward and efficient, as well as not having too many pages on the bottom navigation bar

  • The topic of this project is to create an application for people to be able to organize their closets and pick what they wear on a daily basis

  • The goal of the project is to help the user’s overall organization and efficiency on a daily basis

  • Another goal is to allow the user to have a seamless experience getting ready for the day as their outfits have been planned based on multiple factors such as, weather, style, type


  • For my user flows, I created 6 different basic scenarios the user would experience frequently such as, adding an item to their closet, generating an outfit for the day, adding a clothing item to their favourites, editing their profile, or even creating their account

5f8bdaf6f15a2c9af5d75fae_Screen Shot 202
5f8bdaf5f18924b6536caa21_Screen Shot 202
Proposed Solution and Results
  • Explored ways of generating outfits, saving them, viewing previous outfits, and also creating an archive of all the items in your closet

  • These ideas were all displayed on Figma within the two week span of this project

  • Due to time limitations, the vectors for this assignment were found online but the prototype was clickable and was visualized to an extent to show how the app would be used.

fit me.gif
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